World Travel Record

World Travel Record

Great Wall, Mutianyu, ChinaGoal

Visit all 195 U.N. recognized countries in world record time and film and document the exciting journey to show that awesome exists in EVERY country, especially with the people.

World Travel Record

By visiting every country in less than 3 years 3 months 6 days, Eric will be breaking at least two world records: the youngest American to visit every country and the fastest human to visit every country. Plus, Eric will be doing many activities that have never been done before in that place… sometimes never done before anywhere.

Human Element

Since our belief is that the “awesome” exists mostly with the people of a country, one major way we will be showing this is through Eric immersing himself in the culture, living with locals, living as the locals live. Always on the look out for the happy residents, Eric will try to prove over and over again that happiness can exist anywhere despite any situation. Also as part of the Human Element, The Global Odyssey will be teaming up with some awesome charity organizations in every major region in the world to raise awareness and funds for projects that are authentic and meaningful and are making differences in the lives of people all over the globe.

Adventure Element

Eric and his travel partners are creative, curious, and energetic. From eating the most unheard of foods, to playing with native animals, to experiencing places in goofy or novel ways, the travelers will undoubtedly be a constant source for entertainment as they have always been in front of the camera, showing that awesome exists in every country in ways people rarely imagine. From BASE jumping in Norway, climbing in Nepal, surfing in Indonesia, to dirt biking through Central America, Eric will be participating all sorts of action sports just as he’s loved to do for years. Essentially this will be a wild ride for Eric and his crew and those that follow the story!

Worldwide Voting

We will be allowing people to vote via Facebook and on our website for what Eric does and eats in almost every country. Choices like eating snails in Tunisia, or squirrel-suiting off the highest waterfall in the world. If the fans vote for it, he’ll do it.

Real Time Web Content

From the beginning of travel until Eric reaches the final country and beyond, we’ll be featuring all sorts of online social media content. We’ll be producing web clips, pictures, blogs, Tweets, map updates, and more. Plus we’ll be filming and producing videos along the way. Maybe eventually full episodes.